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Bacterial resistance to antibiotics is on the rise worldwide. The difficulty of treating chronic infections associated with implantable medical devices (pacemakers, orthopedic implants, catheters, etc.) due to biofilms exacerbates the problem. WHO has estimated that if new drugs are not rapidly developed, resistant bacterial infections could become responsible for about ten million deaths per year by 2050.


Aboutpharma: phage therapy

Aboutpharma: phage therapy


Phage therapy in Italy, between regulatory aspects and scientific developments

Mediaduemila interview

Mediaduemila interview


Media Duemila interviewed Novella Cesta, infectious disease doctor and co-founder of Fagoterapia Lab.

Premio dei Premi 2022

Premio dei Premi 2022


Fagoterapia Lab was awarded with the “Premio dei Premi” 2022, established at the COTEC Foundation by concession of the President of the Italian Republic.

The technology

Fagotherapy LAB is developing therapeutics based on bacteriophages, "good" viruses exclusive to bacteria, for the treatment of difficult infections and resistant bacteria of extreme clinical importance.

This innovative approach is based on the use of a proprietary artificial intelligence algorithm that allows you to select the best phages among those available for a given bacterium, quickly creating optimized and more effective therapeutic formulations. With this approach it will also be possible to create icustomized formulations.

Picture TEM of phiCDHM1 bacteriophage
Picture TEM of phiCDHM1 bacteriophage DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0085131.g001

Phage therapy

Bacteriophages attacking Escherichia coli.
Bacteriophages attacking Escherichia coli. EYE OF SCIENCE/SCIENCE SOURCE

Phage therapy has been successfully applied to the treatment of various types of infections. A list of the most common types of infections, complete with a selection of publications for further information, is available in the Infection section.

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